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Country Pathways-
Country Pathways
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Country Pathways Volume 2-
Country Pathways Volume 2
"H" Is for Halloween-
"H" Is for Halloween
Stroke Floral Color Wheel-
Stroke Floral Color Wheel
Spring Bouquet-
Spring Bouquet
Daisies and Currants-
Daisies and Currants
Blue Value Study-acrylic pattern packet
value study
Blue Value Study
Snowman Cookie Plate-
Snowman Cookie Plate
Mums and Berries-
Mums and Berries
Little Rock Mill-
Little Rock Mill
Santa Cones 2-
Santa Cones 2
Santa Cones 1-
Santa Cones 1
Winter Evening-
Winter Evening
Witch and Ghost Cones-
Witch and Ghost Cones
Snowman Cones-
Snowman Cones
Cottage Nightlight-
Cottage Nightlight
Country Pathways Volume 3-
Country Pathways Volume 3
Country Pathways Volume 4-
Country Pathways Volume 4
Country Pathways Volume 5-
Country Pathways Volume 5
Eggs for Easter-
Eggs for Easter
Peaceful Landscapes-
Peaceful Landscapes
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A Medley of Ornaments-
A Medley of Ornaments
$9.95 $2.00
Roses and Forget-Me-Nots-
Roses and Forget-Me-Nots
It's Show Time-
It's Show Time
$9.95 $2.00
Show Stoppers-
Show Stoppers
$9.95 $2.00
Times Remembered-
Times Remembered
$12.95 $2.00
Costello's Old Mill-
Costello's Old Mill
Elegant Glass Ornament-
Elegant Glass Ornament
Katie's Santa Ornament Pattern Packet-
Katie's Santa Ornament Pattern Packet
Lilacs and Tulips Tshirt pattern packet-
Lilacs and Tulips Tshirt pattern packet
Spring at Fall Mills-
Spring at Fall Mills
Bluebird and Dogwoods-
Bluebird and Dogwoods
Katie's Santa Ornament-
Katie's Santa Ornament
Out of Stock
Sled Ornaments-
Sled Ornaments
Spool Ornaments-
Spool Ornaments
Early Spring-
Early Spring
Snowman Candle and plate-
Snowman Candle and plate
Mini Landscapes Series 1-
Mini Landscapes Series 1
Mini Landscape Series 2-
Mini Landscape Series 2
Mini Landscape Series 3-
Mini Landscape Series 3
Spring Bunny-
Spring Bunny
End of Summer-
End of Summer
Winter Ride-
Winter Ride
The Meadows-
The Meadows
Pumpkins for Sale-
Pumpkins for Sale
Cades Cove-
Cades Cove
Sugar Creek Covered Bridge-
Sugar Creek Covered Bridge
Peaceful Stream-
Peaceful Stream
Fall Festival-
Fall Festival
Grandma's Garden-
Grandma's Garden
Mountain Vista-
Mountain Vista
David's Mill-
David's Mill
Our Home Place-
Our Home Place
Teapot Ornaments-
Teapot Ornaments
Country Pathways Vol. 6-
Country Pathways Vol. 6
Scarecrow Star Candy Dish-
Scarecrow Star Candy Dish
Painter's Harvest-
Painter's Harvest
Country Pathways Vol 7-
Country Pathways Vol 7
Out of Stock
Snowman Candleholders with Glass Chimney-
Snowman Candleholders with Glass Chimney
Snowman Patch Party-
Snowman Patch Party
Snowman Tote Bag-snowman tote bag, painting pattern packet,
Snowman Tote Bag
Winter Retreat-Country Pathways Vol. 7
Free pattern
Winter Retreat
Spring Flag-Spring
Pattern packet
Spring Flag
Pumpkin Patch Party-
Pumpkin Patch Party
Spring Road-
Spring Road
County Pathways Vol. 8-
County Pathways Vol. 8
Long Pine Covered Bridge Pattern packet-landscape painting, painting packet, pattern packet, acrylic painting
Long Pine Covered Bridge Pattern packet
Winter Sled-
Winter Sled
Santa Shoes-DecoArt, Multi-Surface paint, Santa,
Shoe Lathe
Santa Shoes
Butterfly Box-decorative painting, boxes, arts and crafts, acrylic pattern
Butterfly Box
Missouri Quilt Barn-
Missouri Quilt Barn
Lilac Hat and Tote
Snowman Ring Toss Game-Christmas, patterns, decorating painting
Snowman Ring Toss Game
Little Chef Cutting Boards-
Little Chef Cutting Boards
Country Pathways Vol. 9-
Country Pathways Vol. 9
Boo Express-
Boo Express
The Windows-
The Windows
Springtime in the Mountains-
Springtime in the Mountains
My Ladies Lap Desk-
My Ladies Lap Desk
The Quilt Barn-
The Quilt Barn
Metal Pumpkin at Night-
Metal Pumpkin at Night
Tassel Ornaments-
Tassel Ornaments
Scarecrow Barrel Stave-
Scarecrow Barrel Stave
Christmas Pears
T is for Thanksgiving-
T is for Thanksgiving
Finding the roof angles
Best Tobacco-
Best Tobacco
Candy Cane Band-
Candy Cane Band
Winter Covered Bridge-
Winter Covered Bridge
The Fisherman-
The Fisherman
Hanging With My Friends-
Hanging With My Friends
Cumberland Falls-
Cumberland Falls
Church in the Valley
The Basin
Value Scale Snowscene-
Value Scale Snowscene
The Daisy Field-
The Daisy Field
Bales of Hay-
Bales of Hay
Mountain Pines-
Mountain Pines
Church in the Valley-
Church in the Valley
Down a Country Road-
Down a Country Road
Pattern Packet Snowman and Pumpkin Candy Dish-
Pattern Packet Snowman and Pumpkin Candy Dish
Pattern Packet Uncle Sam Star Candy Dish-
Pattern Packet Uncle Sam Star Candy Dish
Pattern Packet Summer Time Candy Dish-
Pattern Packet Summer Time Candy Dish