Annette Dozier
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"H" Is for Halloween-
"H" Is for Halloween
Costello's Old Mill-
Costello's Old Mill
Sled Ornaments-
Sled Ornaments
Early Spring-
Early Spring
Cades Cove-
Cades Cove
Country Pathways Vol. 6-
Country Pathways Vol. 6
County Pathways Vol. 8-
County Pathways Vol. 8
Little Chef Cutting Boards-
Little Chef Cutting Boards
Country Pathways Vol. 9-
Country Pathways Vol. 9
The Windows-
The Windows
Springtime in the Mountains-
Springtime in the Mountains
My Ladies Lap Desk-
My Ladies Lap Desk
The Quilt Barn-
The Quilt Barn
Metal Pumpkin at Night-
Metal Pumpkin at Night
Tassel Ornaments-
Tassel Ornaments
Christmas Pears
T is for Thanksgiving-
T is for Thanksgiving
Best Tobacco-
Best Tobacco
Candy Cane Band-
Candy Cane Band
Winter Covered Bridge-
Winter Covered Bridge