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Annette Dozier

In 1974, I opened a cake decorating store and soon added candy making supplies.  Then floral supplies and classes were added.  By the time I finished adjusting my business, I had a full-line craft store.  A friend of mine felt that I was working too hard and needed some sort of stress-relieving hobby, she talked me into taking a beginning painting class in the fall of 1981.  I enjoyed the class very much but I was not sure that I had any real talent or the time to learn to paint well.  I committed a year to taking classes regularly.  I figured I would know how I felt about painting by the end of the year.  Well, the next thing I know, I had piles of books, tons of brushes and I was taking every class I could find.  My friend also introduced me to the local painting Chapter and to the National Society of Decorative Painting.  Herr's in Danville was one of our major suppliers for the store and they hosted many seminars by nationally known teachers.  During my experimental year, I was able to take classes from wonderful teachers like Helen Barrick, Elaine Thompson, Dorothy Dent and Jackie Shaw, just to name a few.

I did some travel teaching for Dorothy Dent for a couple of years.  I also taught some classes at a few of the national conventions.  The pace of teaching, traveling, publishing and running a store and a warehouse was a bit much.  Also raising four sons added to the mix.  In 1990 I decided to close the store and warehouse and concentrate on painting for the mass market.  I first began by doing some craft shows and painting for girls that did shows and then quickly advanced to having reps in the gift market and strictly wholesaling product.  The gift shows are interesting and I love to meet people but my work had to provide an income for me and the wholesale market seemed to be where I needed to be.  At one time, I had more than fifteen employees to keep up with the demand.  That was a terribly hecic schedule and soon cut back and picked a couple of vendors that I wanted to work for.  That gave me more time to design and paint projects.  Due to health reasons I had to discontinue the mass production.  My first love is teaching and closly following is designing.  I am so thankful that I have been able to publish my work and help others enjoy and learn to paint. 

I especially love hearing from those that purchase my books and patterns and it always with them in mind when I try something new.  Share your thoughts and talents with others and you recieve much more than you give.



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